Your content is a valuable asset.

If you are an expert educator or trainer looking to increase your impact and generate an additional income stream in the process, then online learning is your next move.

Online Courses:

  • provide a unique source of value and competitive advantage
  • increase in value if properly maintained and regularly updated
  • are scalable and can be repurposed and resold countless times
  • Invest time upfront, creating valuable experiences for people, and reap the benefits of that time invested later.

    Pat Flynn Founder: Smart Passive Income

You do not need permission to create excellent learning experiences online. You simply need to know where to start.

That’s where UGenerate comes in…

UGenerate is an online learning business positioned to provide you with the tools and expertise you need to create excellent learning experiences for a global audience.



Fully equipped, purpose-built video recording studio, a content creator’s dream!



Leading online learning system, packed with features to enhance the learning experience.



Step-by-step guidance in the art and science of instructional design for optimal learning.

Enabling you to…

  • Design, produce and sell quality online courses for a global audience
  • Upgrade existing content by applying proven instructional design strategies
  • Chart a new course and share your valuable expertise with the world